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All Items : Vintage Arts : Furnishings : Accessories : Pre 1950 item #1354554 (stock ##17303)
My French Chateau
A lovey collection of 7 Swedish Books Circa 1950's. The fronts are leather with gold embossing and charming paper covers...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Furnishings : Accessories : Pre 1940 item #1354553 (stock ##17302)
My French Chateau
Sold at Scott Antique Market MERCI !
A lovely pair of Swedish books dated 1939. In great condition Measures 9" tall x 6 1/4" wide...
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Books : Pre 1910 item #1352888 (stock ##201)
My French Chateau
More beautiful Leather French hardbound books. Embossed leather faces, with marbleized covers. All measure 7 1/8" tall, all in French and dated 1907, 1911...
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Books : Pre 1900 item #1352885 (stock ##200)
My French Chateau
Sold, @ Scott Antique Market....Merci!
Beautiful Leather faced Books from France. All in French, dated 1897,1899,1900,1902. Each measure 7 1/8" tall, in very good condition...
All Items : Archives : Decorative Art : Pre 1837 VR item #749800 (stock ##40369)
My French Chateau
Sold, Merci!
Magnificent! An antique World Tour Book with 21 Italian Neo-Classic Intaglios. Collected and displayed in this hand made book. Circa 1800. Please see enlargements for both sides of the book. Very Rare and quite collectible. On the front and back panel of the book written in graceful script is the Italian and the English name of each of these famous people. Names such as Pluto, Socrates, Homer and Alexander the Great are just a few of the wonderful plaster intaglios. Each banded and numbered...